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We do not use dynamite or other dangerous substances to create. We use special effects to create an illusion. And the safe use of special effects you can have people present during most explosions and effects.

There are generally two types explosjoner. Explosion with flames and without. With flames so used a mix of flammable liquids. When we make explosions without flames so we replace the burning bag of powder and any bits of cork to simulate rubble. Everything we do is about security.

Fire Effects
We can set on fire mostly with high precision and safety. We also perform (four GAGs) which means to set fire to people. FlammeblÄsing and use of gas torches (propane curl) is also carried out as desired.

Coordinated explosions of cars, boats, cottages and the like. Grenade Impact in series or in single shots. There are several ways to perform the detonation, depending on what the director wants. Example video her! Youtube

Example of blowing up a car
Here we can get the doors, bonnet, roof, tailgate, wheels or the like to blow the car individually, in series or all at once. With careful planning we can provide exclusive scenes for your product

Shot Marks in environments
The water in the wall, in the car, on the ground and the like. Dimension of rendezvous can be coordinated in accordance with the type of weapon used. We also have effects that create believable ricochets. Example video her! Youtube

Body Hits / squib
Perform Reading body hits in series or single shot.

Make-up effects
We can do the most in cuts, burns, gunshot wounds, open sores, etc.

Information During the use of pyrotechnics in Norway follows the DSB's Regulations (Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning), this means that the fire department and the landowner must be contacted prior to the execution of various types of pyrotechnic effects. Under special circumstances the police must be notified.




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